Proudly a Witch

I am a witch, proudly a witch
more human and kinder
than many who are scared of me
and who damn me or wish the worst
showing how they are…

I am a witch, with self-sacrifice I take care of my world
and its infinite creatures,
the trees are my brothers
the stones Gaia’s treasures
the animals my great Teachers.

I understand the language of the wind
and the influence of the moon
on harvests, births,
the magic, life and death…

I am a witch, one with everything…
I survived the buried inquisitor
blind and bloody fanaticism
of dark beings without pity
who tortured and murdered
In the name of God and their religion,
using their fury against innocents
who possessed marvelous gifts,
from the bottom of their ignorance and cowardice.
I am a with, it’s not rancor that moves me,
my magic is to HELP,
bless, treat and heal.
I don’t abuse it
and even though I could,
I never use it for evil,

I am a witch, I don’t necessarily wear
black hats or strange tunics.

My cauldron represents the womb of the Godess/God
it’s the symbol of fertility and in it I prepare
healing potions to soothe or burn herbs
for my rituals.

I am a witch… proudly a witch
more human than many humans
who think they are better
and assuredly judge
what they don’t understand
from their hate and ignorance
launching damnations
which will return to their origins
in due time,
not before or after…

I am a witch,
my broom is to clean
the bad energy
of my home and my circle
which is my temple,
where I worship my God
it’s a purifying element.

I am a witch
and I might not be beautiful, or
horribly ugly
as they have always wanted us to be seen,
those who have an ugly soul
and who fear seeing themselves
in their own mirror
of selfishness and wickedness.

I am a witch
and LOVE moves me,
I don’t feel rancor and I know how to forgive.

Wickedness is not my nature
even though others might order it.
I am a witch, proudly a witch
and I follow the way of the Goddess/God
marvelous duality…
with absolute devotion
And the purest of love…

I was a witch…I am a witch and I will
Continue to be one for centuries and centuries…Amen


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Erika Villarreal

I am an indigo and Light Worker. My spiritual journey began at a very young age, and my search took me to the wonderful path of Shamanism. For several years, I travelled through my own personal healing journey. I was on a quest to hear my Souls’ calling, to truly get to know my Light and my Dark, and to embrace my Shadow. All in order to rediscover my connection with the Light. I am a natural healer, psychic, and clairvoyant. I often experience premonitory dreams, astral projection, angelic contact and contact with other dimensions. I had the opportunity to study at the College of Psychic Studies in London. I am Master in Usui Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Thetahealing, Akashic Records, Healing by Archetypes, Spiritual Response Therapy, I have ancestral and Shamanic knowledge, and Munay Ki.

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