It was amazing, very accurate, she picked up a very important and relevant information about me.   It was a long realing and she manage and keep giving me messages.   Really easy connection with the Angel


Erika was very insightful and she provided practical guidence for feeling, she has a lovely manner and is very encouraging about developing spiritually, she is optimist and positive in her approach.


A really lovely reading, thank you so much — very happy to have fairies come up as part of it, and to be reminded of little aspects of my character which I should be more aware of. Also helped to reinforce some of my plans and ideas for the next year or so, making me more content with the path I’m likely to take. Engaging and clear, thank you!


My experience with Erika was very pleasant. From the very beginning she transmitted me a peaceful sensation which I consider is crucial as part of her professional practice and contributes to the natural flow of an energy interpretation.

She conducted the session in a very organized manner and sensed what I was going through on that specific moment. Moreover, Erika has the intuition and the skills to describe my energy and how I use it in my daily performance. I am highly impressed of her abilities to practice this profession.