Fairies and Sylphs

Fairies are angels who reside very close to the earth so that they can perform their Divine mission. Some fairies have wings like dragonflies, while others have butterfly-like wings. Unlike guardian and archangels, fairies have egos. In this way, they’re similar to humans in that they make judgments. When fairies meet you, they judge you for how you treat the environment and animals.

They remind us that life is joyful and fun, animals are our brothers and sisters, everything is alive, nature needs and deserves our respect, play is very important. Fairies are pretty uncomplicated beings, they want to peacefully coexist with people

Sylphs are beings associated with the element of Air. Their activity is reflected in the gathering of clouds, the formation of snowflakes, and the growth and maturity of all plant life. They are the spirits of the wind, and were the source of many Greek myths and legends. Among the Elementals as a whole, Sylphs are of the highest vibration and can thus traverse the dimensions more or less at will.

The Sylphs have a ruler whose name is Paralda. Though essentially creatures of the air, Sylphs reside on high mountain tops. Legend has it that they once spoke to human through caverns and were the voices of ancient oracles.

Sylphs are associated with the activity of the human mind. They can influence and inspire humans; often they are said to gather around the poet or artist in order to impart their inner visions of spiritual beauty. They usually appear to humans in the classic fairy image.

Sylphs are active, quick of movement and speech. They are clever and intelligent, but can be subtle in their persuasiveness. By nature, Sylphs are aloof and detached. They’re called for help in creation or resolution of issues involving the intelligence and the mind, or products of intellect.


Gnomes are beings associated with the element of Earth. They possess a vibratory rate that makes them invisible to humans, but one that is still close enough to the lower physical vibration for them to interact with it. Their actions are reflected in the presence of mineral deposits, the erosion of rock, and the formation of crystals and other geological formations.

In ancient legends the Gnomes were protectors of secret treasures concealed in vast caverns beneath the earth. The old sages taught that the Gnomes were not naturally inclined to aid humankind, but if a person won their confidence and trust they would prove to be valuable allies. Elementals work through the subjective nature of men and women, and can influence the human mind. Gnomes can also bestow confidence, steadfastness, and endurance.

Gnomes are ruled by a king whose name is Gob. His followers came to be called Goblins as tales of them were told and retold over the centuries. They usually appear to humans as small, dwarf-like creatures.

Gnomes are the most substantial of the elementals. They dwell in holes, mines, and caverns. They are the most like us in personality, with all its good and bad points, but they are especially prey to all the weaknesses in human nature. They are called upon for help with money matters, stability, and growth.

Undines and Mermaids

Undines are beings associated with the element of Water. In ancient lore they are recalled in the images of water nymphs and mermaids. Springs, streams, and wells are favored by Undines. Their traditional abodes were among marsh reeds and vegetation growing alongside rivers and lakes.

Undines are ruled by Necksa. They are friendly toward humans and their presence has a strong influence on our emotional well-being. The moodiness of an individual can be traced to their elemental nature (such as when we say that a person is “all washed out”). Just as water can be beautiful in a fall or river, it can also be unattractive in a stagnant pool.

The activity of Undines is responsible for the vitality within all liquids – therefore they play a vital role in plant, animal, and human life. Undines appear too human most often in full human shape, as beautiful maidens.

Undines are seen as sensual and graceful in their movements, with very strong emotions. Undines are the most human and seductive of the four elemental types. They tend to be sympathetic and loving, and are most helpful in matters dealing with emotional issues, such as love and friendship, desire and lust.

Mermaids are the guardians of the seas. They look after the whales, dolphins, sharks, seals, porpoises, fish and turtles   as other sea dwelling creatures.  They are the female members of the tribe and the mermen as the masculine members.  Mermaids are very friendly elementals and you will find them most easily on rocks out in the sea but they live all over.  Mermaids are trying to get our attention at this time to heal the seas and work in harmony with the Ocean Sprites whose job it is to energetically purify the water.  They are also willing to heal humans also particularly of emotional problems and traumas.  Mermaid energy is very soothing.

Salamanders and Dragons

Salamanders are beings associated with the element of Fire. It is through their activity that fire exists and can be used by humankind. Fire elementals were the first elementals to befriend humans, teaching our ancestors how to make campfires. Salamanders are ruled by king called Djin.

Salamanders move about most freely at night, appearing as balls of light drifting across various bodies of water. Old-time sailors often saw them investigating the sails of their ships – from this came the term “St. Elmo’s fire”, describing the mysterious forks of flame that often appeared on old sailing vessels.

Salamanders have a profound effect on human nature since they are linked to the activity of our bodies through which we maintain a body temperature. They tend to influence general temperament, such as when someone is “hot-blooded” or a “hothead”. Salamanders often appear to humans in the shape of small, lizard-like flames.

On the spiritual level, they also help to awaken kundalini.  Salamanders will always help people who are friendly towards them and keep their heart fires burning.  They also have special influence over those with fiery tempers.

Dragons represent transformation, wisdom, ancient knowledge, magic, mysticism, spiritual power and protection. They are respected and revered in many cultures around the world and have an important role for lightworkers at this time on Earth. Out of all the Nature Spirits and Elementals I have had contact with on my spiritual path they are the most powerful I have encountered so far.

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