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Everything is full of light, in this timeless space, a sacred light, in a shapeless range, in a perfectly harmonious geometry, that’s what I see….. I am spirit, without time and space, with just an eternal now in which I move..…, as soft as a feather in the wind, as happy as a bird’s heart at dawn. Nothing and everything is important.

My guide’s name is Gary, he’s with me, I say his name and his presence is like saying a peaceful mantra that penetrates in his closeness full of infinite love in my heart. We walk in the light and without a word, my being assimilates the simple wisdom that flows from my guide, from the light,…. and he tells me: ”There are cycles that we have to accomplish, we come to remember and help remind how to be happy…” I could feel his voice beat in my heart when he said: ”.We come to bring Light to the people to light their way to happiness, to connect with life in the heart of the divine, remember what is within the essence of the Being.”

Actually, you don’t have to do anything and you have to do everything. On the way, one must only remember, be aware that all the time we share life, energy, LOVE in a mutual encounter.
Before this existence, every one chooses the people, the places, the circumstances that allow him/her to reach the greatest closeness to the divine, returning to the nest: to the Heart of God. By choosing you take on to give and receive life lessons, energies. “We are a dream state of the divine”…. I don’t know why this teaching of master on earth popped up in my mind.

I don’t understand the value they give to money, it’s only a flow of energy, he told me. Enter into the silent home of your heart, connect with it, be more confident, talk to it and express yourself to yourself and to others with the confidence of living the Light: Have CONFIDENCE…. If you don’t talk, sadness will overcome you, you are made to serve, to love; with your word or your touch you can be a bridge to the divine: TOUCH people’s hearts. Give these messages.

I felt the tickle of Gary’s smile when he said: everything is good as it is, the universe flows in its love, I LOVE YOU, -a feast unleashed in my heart,- “we love you and will always be with you, in each word, in each touch of your look, your hands, of every gesture your love carries the divine love,…astral travel will give you the information you need, continue….. you need to write, practice. I will need you, together we will be like a lantern to irradiate infinite Light, Love to those in need, you will know when ……


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Erika Villarreal

I am an indigo and Light Worker. My spiritual journey began at a very young age, and my search took me to the wonderful path of Shamanism. For several years, I travelled through my own personal healing journey. I was on a quest to hear my Souls’ calling, to truly get to know my Light and my Dark, and to embrace my Shadow. All in order to rediscover my connection with the Light. I am a natural healer, psychic, and clairvoyant. I often experience premonitory dreams, astral projection, angelic contact and contact with other dimensions. I had the opportunity to study at the College of Psychic Studies in London. I am Master in Usui Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Thetahealing, Akashic Records, Healing by Archetypes, Spiritual Response Therapy, I have ancestral and Shamanic knowledge, and Munay Ki.
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