Are you expressing difficult circumstances to solve, have you idealized a relationship, health problems, economic problems, problems with family or friends, have you felt disconnected with your divinity, have you had expression problems and communication, have you felt bored and depressed, with no reason, have you had bad mood because nothing will get “good” in life, have you feel ungrateful because there is no reason to be grateful, you do not know what are you needs, but you’re looking for? or possibly you have a bit of this?

Before being born our soul decides what you will experience in this life time, challenges, talents, goals, people who will find us to learn or to teach. All of this is in the Akashic Records.

Akashic Records are a universal memory of life, a place where the soul experiences are filed, including knowledge, life past and future life. In Egypt is known as the Tablets of Thoth, in the Bible and the Book of Life, in Islam as Table Eternal, in the Mayan the Psi Bank. Akasha is a Sanskrit term meaning ether, space or cosmic energy that permeates throughout the universe.

Time and space are an illusion of the mind, so most of what happen to us in this life time has issues with past lives, we find a person or repeat a situation, until we have learned the lesson.   In the subconscious there are limited believes and most of them are our parents believes, so we have been created a chain.   When we are conscience of everything of this, we have free will to change it.   So if you want to change the world around you, you need to start changing from inside of you.