To feel or to think?

Thinking is coming from our mind, it is the masculine energy, the rational part of the brain, the ego, the belief system, to be good or to be bad, to win or to lose, better or worse, duality.   We have been living in a world where society has taught us how to survive, how to be better than others every day, we always need to win and we don’t give ourselves the permission to surrender to our ego.  We don’t give ourselves the permission to show our emotions and we pretend to be happy all the time…

Feeling comes from our soul, our heart, it is the feminine energy, the moon, it is to give ourselves the permission to feel and express our emotions, to feel vulnerable, to understand that we are one, unconditional love.

We need to learn to stop judging people who are not like us, we need to accept that everyone is the same and different at the same time.   We come from the same place and all of us are going to the same place.  We need to learn how to live in harmony, to help each other and stop competing.

Let us begin to empathize with people who are not ready to change and let’s open our hearts to them, let us give love to those who have not yet awakened to the new energy of the planet.

This will only be achieved if we are in union and peaceful with ourselves in connection with our high self and our soul.  There are many light workers in the planet and all of us are connected with our divinity.  We came with the same purpose … to learn how to love and teach what the meaning of the love is.

We are in a new cycle of the planet, new beginning, the era of the light and union, we need to learn how to bring the heaven to the earth and increase our vibration.    We need to realize that we are one with the universe and the universe is one with us.  We need to remember who we are and where we are coming from.

We are coming from the light and we are going back to the light.  Let’s open our wings and let’s have faith in our lives, in our purpose.

Let’s have faith that we are in the right path in our evolution in peace and harmony with ourselves.  Let’s learn how to love ourselves from the bottom of our hearts and our souls, let’s open our eyes to other realities, let’s learn how to be free from many belief systems that no longer serve ud.   Let’s bring together the science and the spirituality, let’s learn how to work as a team.

In order to be the creators of our own reality, we first feel (believe) and then think (create) … feeling and thinking

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Erika Villarreal

I am an indigo and Light Worker. My spiritual journey began at a very young age, and my search took me to the wonderful path of Shamanism. For several years, I travelled through my own personal healing journey. I was on a quest to hear my Souls’ calling, to truly get to know my Light and my Dark, and to embrace my Shadow. All in order to rediscover my connection with the Light. I am a natural healer, psychic, and clairvoyant. I often experience premonitory dreams, astral projection, angelic contact and contact with other dimensions. I had the opportunity to study at the College of Psychic Studies in London. I am Master in Usui Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Thetahealing, Akashic Records, Healing by Archetypes, Spiritual Response Therapy, I have ancestral and Shamanic knowledge, and Munay Ki.

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  1. Carlos says:

    Muchas Gracias por compartir Erika.
    Un abrazo enorme y bendiciones

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