Traveling in the Astral Plane looking for Spiritual Evolution

Since I was a child, I have had experiences of leaving my body whilst sleeping. Unfortunately, I used to be very scared because I saw myself whilst outside my body and it was very hard for me to return. I knew I could not tell anyone, because I was a child and it was my “imagination”.

I was not aware of what was happening to me.

When I was outside my body everything was similar, therefore I was confused and did not know if I was on the astral plane or on the physical plane, so I developed a technique to know the difference. My technique was to put water on my face; if I felt the water it meant that I was on the physical plane if I did not feel it and my hands were deformed, it meant that I was on the astral plane. As I grew up, I become accustomed to leaving the physical plane for the astral plane.

In 1999 I had a partner with whom I had a serious relationship. At that time I used to work in Business Administration; on one occasion I had worked all night, so I decided to sleep during the afternoon whilst my partner and my grandfather were at home fixing the bathroom and having a conversation. That afternoon I left my body and I approached them. I could see and hear what they were talking about and I tried to wake up but it was impossible; I was so afraid and desperate because my body would not move. I said to them: “please wake me up”, but of course they could not see or hear me. I do not know how long I spent on the astral plane until, finally, I woke up and went to put water on my face to verify that I had really returned to the physical plane.

In 2004 I learned that out-of-body experiences are referred to as astral travel. Just then I started to make conscious astral projections; I left my body consciously at least once a week, and did this for approximately four years. These days, I still have experiences of leaving my body, but not as often as I did before.

My guides told me to write about my experiences because at some point I was going to need my notes for reference. After a few years, I finally met more people who were able to make conscious astral projections (I was very happy not to be the “only one”) We began to share experiences and we could communicate in the same language.

One of those I met was Ronald and the Universe was guiding us to talk about our experiences outside the body. Those experiences are documented in our book.

We invite you to read Traveling in the Astral Plane looking for Spiritual Evolution.


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